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Walle Corp. selects Prism's MIS system

February 1, 2011

Walle is installing the entire Prism WIN suite and will benefit from the real-time automation of shop floor data.

Walle Corporation, a label converter headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, USA, with plants in Louisiana and Kentucky, has announced its selection of Prism’s management information system, WIN and QTMS. With Prism's systems, Walle adds data access capabilities in real time – real time job status, real time machine performance, and real time stock levels, amongst other key performance indicators.

“Our business is strong and growing,” says Sean Keeney, president and CEO of Walle Corporation, “and having a state of the art MIS platform to provide us with quick and accurate, real-time data is key to our continued growth and profitability. The name of the game is response time and our customers demand quick turnaround and transparency to order status, stock levels, and shipping status – online and real-time. Prism will deliver that for us.”

Walle is installing the entire Prism WIN suite and will benefit from the automation of shop floor data capture with installation of QTMS on virtually all of their equipment. WIN is a fully-integrated MIS, and is configurable to meet the specific needs of Walle. Walle will be able to configure specific workflows for each department, yet share all information across a common database for process efficiencies, and excellent cross-department communication.

“Walle’s diverse product line, production capabilities, and customers make our newest partner a perfect candidate for Prism WIN and QTMS,” says Leland Morgan, Prism’s general manager. “By combining our real-time dashboards with configurable workflows, I’m confident Walle will achieve its goals of decreased cycle times, accuracy, and quality without adding additional resources.”