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New viscosity sensor from Norcross

March 10, 2011

The tank mounted sensor operates at atmospheric pressure and is useful for both water and solvent based applications.

A newly designed tank mounted viscosity sensor for both water and solvent based applications, such as printing, glues, and adhesives, that operates at atmospheric pressure and has removable wetted parts is being introduced by Norcross Corporation of Newton, MA, USA.

The Norcross MXBOC Viscosity Sensor is suitable for water and solvent based applications with tanks between 7" and 26" deep and operates at atmospheric pressure. Featuring a new one-bolt mounting mechanism, the all stainless steel wetted parts can be easily removed for cleaning and sterilization without having to disturb the air or electrical connections.

Ideal for applications requiring frequent color or coating changes, the Norcross MXBOC Viscosity Sensor uses the "piston time-of-fall" method to measure viscosities from 0.1 to 100,000 CPS and is CE and ATEX compliant. It requires 40 psi dry air and a three-way 24vdc air valve, and is PLC compatible for use with the firm's process controllers.

The sensor is priced from $2,295 and can reduce ink or coating consumption by up to 20%, claims the firm.

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