Chemsultants, AWA to present PSA technology workshop

Published April 7, 2011
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Chemsultants International and Alexander Watson Associates will jointly sponsor the Introduction to Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology workshop this year, scheduled for June 16-17 at the Hotel Casa 400 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The workshop is designed to introduce participants to the basics of self-adhesive products, including their design, manufacture and end use. The target audience is professionals involved with marketing, research, technical support, quality control and production who might be new to the self-adhesive industry, and those professionals needing a primer on the technical aspects of self-adhesive products.

Workshop topics include: What makes PS Adhesives Work?, PSA Product Types, PSA Compounding, Drying and UV Curing Technologies, Face and Carrier Webstocks, Release Systems and Release Liners, Analytical Testing Applications for PSA Products, Physical and Release Testing of PSAs, and PSA Coating Methods. A glossary of industry terms will be reviewed during the course to help participants understand the language of the self-adhesive industry.

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