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Print adhesives in-house with new water-based formulation

May 2, 2011

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ Flex line comprises 11 adhesives for perment, removable, repositionable, and specialty applications.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ new Flex line of permanent, removable and repositionable water-based adhesives enables printing companies to run adhesives on their flexography equipment – and give customers the precise construction they want on a multitude of print jobs.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, introduces the Flex line with no fewer than 11 adhesives for permanent, removable, repositionable and specialty applications. Printers can easily provide customers the precise construction they seek, on a variety of print pieces: direct mailers, packaging, sheet labels, signage, beverage labels, repositionable notes, scrapbooking and more.

The Flex line includes nine Covinax adhesives for permanent, removable and specialty applications, and two Micronax adhesives for jobs that require repositionable adhesives, such as sticky notes and repositionable packaging. Micronax adhesives enable printing companies to create pieces that can be lifted and re-applied again and again.

The water-based formulation renders the adhesives safe to use and safe for the environment, and simplifies equipment cleanup. Also, Franklin helps printing companies that want to use Flex to identify any additional components required to enable their flexography printers to run water-based adhesives.

“We are extremely excited to introduce water-based adhesives for flexography processes to the printing industry,” says Dan Pikula, technical director, pressure sensitive adhesives at Franklin Adhesives & Polymers. “It enables us to bring our expertise in adhesives to a new market and enables printing companies to greatly expand services to their customers – and to open new opportunities for the printing industry.”

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