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Simco-Ion: A new identity in static control

May 2, 2011

Simco celebrates 75 years with a new corporate identity following acquisition of Ion.

Simco, a manufacturer of static control systems, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and introduces a new corporate identity. The company is now called Simco-Ion, which reflects its recent acquisition of Ion Systems and Ion Industrial. Ion Systems provides electrostatic and process monitoring systems for high technology markets, and Ion Industrial specializes in electrostatic systems for the converting, printing, packaging, plastic markets as well as electronic assembly and medical segments.

The company’s customer support team worldwide has also increased, says Jay Perry, Simco-Ion’s US industrial business unit manager. “This growth gives Simco-Ion an even greater opportunity to study electrostatic problems across even more applications.”

New products are on the way, according to Marketing Manager Kim West. “We’ll soon introduce wireless communication capability, allowing our static control system status data to be viewed by enabled devices such as remote PCs or smart phones.”

Part of Illinois Tool Works, Simco-Ion has offices in Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and China, and headquarters in Hatfield, PA, USA.