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Bunting announces college scholarship recipients

May 16, 2011

Sixteen children of the company’s employees receive awards in the name of Walter and June Bunting.

Bunting Magnetics Co. has announced the 2011-2012 recipients of the Walter F. Bunting and June A. Bunting Memorial Scholarships. This year the company awarded 18 scholarships with a 12 percent increase in the dollar amount given to each student. The scholarships, which are now $500 apiece, are awarded to college-age children of Bunting’s employees for either university or vocational training.

“We began this program in 2000 to support the aspirations of our employee’s families,” says Robert J. Bunting Sr., president. “Our goal is to continually improve and strengthen it. My parents, for whom these scholarships are named, were very close to their employees and valued their hard work and dedication. So, this program is something that is very close to my heart.”

The 2011-2012 Walter F. Bunting Scholarship winners and their schools are: Jordan D. Brown, Wichita State University; Cody R. Flashman, University of Indiana; Gage W. McNolty, Wichita State University; Derek S. Moore, Johnson County Community College; Guy M. Moreland, Friends University; Dustin P. Rowe, University of Kansas; Marc A. Suderman, Maranatha Baptist Bible College; Jonathan M. Wilks, University of Tampa.

The 2011-2012 June A. Bunting Scholarship winners are: Neal I. Andrews, Cowley County Community College; Taylor N. Brown, Wichita State University; Corey M. Buller, Wichita State University; Dane T. Moore, Kansas State University; Brianne C. Moreland, Hutchinson Community College; Cristyn T. Rowe, University of Kansas; Jennifer L. Van Horn, Bethel College; Samantha L. Wesoly, University of Connecticut.

Since 2000, Bunting has awarded 103 scholarships totaling nearly $45,000 in recognition of the founders of the company. Each student must complete a written report to qualify for the scholarship.

Walter and June Bunting founded Bunting® Magnetics Co. in Chicago in 1959. The company started as a stocking distributor for cast Alnico magnets and small ceramic magnet assemblies designed for industrial use. Based today in Newton, KS, USA, the company now has seven divisions, including those in Australia, China and England.