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Primera launches new color RFID printer

May 16, 2011

High-resolution color graphics and photo-quality images can be added to RFID labels as they’re being printed.

Primera Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty printers headquartered in Plymouth, MN, USA, has announced its new RX900e Color RFID Printer. The company says the RX900e is the world’s first and only full-color, on-demand label and tag printer that also has built-in RFID encoding technology.

The RFID reader/encoding module is supplied by Intermec, a global RFID technology company. It is compliant with EPC Global Gen 2 Class 1 and ISO 18000 –b and –c specifications.

“Until now, on-demand RFID labels and tags could only be printed in monochrome,” says Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With RX900e, you can add color coding, high-resolution color graphics and even photo-quality images to RFID labels and tags as they’re being printed. We are confident this capability opens up an entirely new set of exciting and cost-effective applications for RFID technology.”

The RX900e is designed for applications that need both color and RFID, including:
• File folder tracking – medical, government, insurance and more
• Retail and apparel tags – for indicating sizes by color and anti-counterfeiting
• Data tape tracking – for indexing by color, bar codes and RFID
• Pharmaceutical labels – for printing photos of pills and for anti-counterfeiting
• Oversized ID badges – for printing color photos and enabling electronic access/tracking at conventions and trade shows, concerts, marathons and other events
• Wristbands – with full-color, high-resolution photos of patients and patrons and integrated RFID for tracking, positive ID and concessions