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GMG launches website for Latin American customers

May 31, 2011

The new site gives customers a direct link to information about GMG's technology, in Portuguese and Spanish.

GMG, a developer and supplier of high-end color management software systems, has announced it has launched a website for its customers in Latin America, The new site gives customers a direct link to information about GMG's technology, in a choice of two languages, Portuguese and Spanish.

"The site confirms our commitment to deliver comprehensive support to our customers in Latin America, one of our fastest growing regions," says Paulo Monteiro, business manager, Latin America. "The new site offers a user-friendly place where visitors, with a simple click, can get immediate access to information on GMG color management solutions."

The "Home of Color" welcome page serves as the visitor's portal to GMG color management technology, offering instant entry to the company's range of products and solutions. Visitors can click on one of the "Experimentar" tabs to access online information and demos for GMG ColorServer, GMG InkOptimizer, and GMG ColorProof. Unique to GMG's websites, customers are able to test the technology using their own data.

Clicking on the Español or Portuguese bar provides additional information on the company, products and markets that GMG covers. The product areas offer downloadable PDF files on GMG's full line of color proofing, color management, and color control technology. Customers interested in learning about GMG's solutions for packaging, offset, wide-format or digital can view animated video presentations and download PDFs. The video animations deliver a user-friendly, instructional and entertaining view of how GMG's color management solutions work.

Visitors can also sign up to receive updates and notices. A password-protected area for resellers is also accessible on the site.

The site is currently up and running, and available to online visitors.