Sekuworks develops multi-functional security

Published July 18, 2011
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Sekuworks, a brand protection and security company in Harrison, OH, USA, announces the launch of StratOmark, a scalable platform for brand security technologies. StratOmark provides authentication, tamper indication, verification, and track-and-trace functions combined as a system, or individually. This allows brand owners to prioritize their security budgets on issues resulting in the best ROI. The platform can be scaled at any point to provide additional functionality and benefits.

Elements of the StratOmark platform include QR coding with unique numbering applied directly to a unit surface, or as part of a label. Labels provide robust authentication with options to include intaglio and/or high resolution flexographic print, holograms, taggants, and specialty inks on a wide variety of substrates.

“StratOmark now provides brand owners a system of security technologies focused on their priority issues, which can be scaled to address secondary or new security threats when needed. The secure web-based QR tracking system is multi-functional, performing verification, track-and-trace, and links to marketing programs,” says Robert Sherwood, VP security programs. “StratOmark can provide a lot of features in a small package.”

The StratOmark system is now protecting pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer products brands in 15 countries.

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