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Meritage purchases Xeikon 3500

August 11, 2011

The company aims to expand their production of packaging components for the luxury goods industry.

Xeikon announced today that Meritage Specialty Packaging Ltd., an eco-luxury packaging company, has purchased and installed a Xeikon 3500 digital color label press to help expand the company's production of packaging components for the luxury goods industry.

"We listen to what graphic designers tell us they want, and aim for technical innovations that will knock their socks off," Jay Tapp, co-founder and CEO of Meritage said. "The Xeikon 3500 is an ideal combination of high productivity, industry-leading imaging quality, and functional technologies that continue to evolve. We're excited to work with brand packaging designers to push the limits of color reproduction and decorating enhancements."

In addition to producing highly decorated labels and packaging, Meritage emphasizes integrating security and anti-counterfeiting, variable imaging technology and tracing and tracking systems into its decorated products. Dawne Tapp, co-founder and President of Meritage, said the embedded anti-counterfeiting features of the Xeikon 3500 are important tools for Meritage's clients.

"In today's tough economy, the last thing our customers want to worry about is having their hard won brand integrity counterfeited," she said.

According to a statement from the company, the Xeikon 3500 has a top speed of 63 fpm, making it ideal for the production of label and packaging applications. Equipped with high-precision LED-based imaging heads, it features true 1200 dpi resolution with variable dot density, generating excellent image quality. The Xeikon 3500 is equipped with five color stations, four for the standard process colors and the fifth one for the use of spot colors, a one-pass opaque white toner or a security toner for anti-counterfeiting applications. It can produce up to 6,135 square feet of printed material per hour in four or five-colors on a wide range of substrates. It runs on Xeikon's QA-I toner which is FDA-compliant for indirect and direct contact with dry food.

Vancouver, BC-based Meritage uses the Xeikon 3500 to produce pressure sensitive labels and packaging for wine & spirits labels, cosmetics, health & beauty, retail fashion and other proprietary engineered structures.