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Brushfoil expands manufacturing plant

September 1, 2011

The company’s new manufacturing line with wider web widths is expected to start up this month.

Guildord, CT, USA-based Brushfoil – a producer of metallized, brushed films – has nearly completed the 8,000 square-foot plant expansion that commenced early this year. The company says that the installation of new brushing equipment, which should take place this month, will help to reduce lead times and produce films up to 72” (1,828.8 mm). The expansion will bring the plant’s total size to 25,000 square feet and will result in an increase in plant employment.

Due to proprietary concerns, the specific details of the new machinery are not being disclosed. However, Brushfoil said in a statement that the new line will feature “the widest-width machine of its kind and include a combination of next generation electronics, automation and versatility.”

Brushfoil, which is owned by Transilwrap Company Inc. of Franklin Park, IL, USA, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company recently introduced two new brushed patterns, Cross-hatch and Tru-Stainless, for use in package design, appliance and furniture manufacturing, and automotive and point-of-purchase production.