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ID Images launches ecommerce site

September 1, 2011

The site – which was designed to ease the label ordering process for customers – will offer a variety of features, including best-column pricing.

I.D. Images has announced the launch of a new ecommerce website in an effort to ease the label ordering process for its customers. The website features searchable products, order tracking information, an address book feature that can hold as many billing and shipping destinations as desired, recently viewed products for quick reordering, and a one page checkout.

Though the website is ready for orders, the company said that its ecommerce website will be an ongoing project. "This isn't just a set it and forget it solution. As we receive feedback from customers, we will continually work to improve our website to make the ordering process easier and improve the overall customer experience," said Scott Wohlwend, developer of the ecommerce website.

As an added incentive for ordering through the website, I.D. Images has stated that it will offer its customers best-column pricing when ordering label products online. Customers can log on to the ecommerce website to set up an account and begin placing their orders online.

Brunswick, OH, USA-based I.D. Images is a manufacturer of converted label media that specializes in providing products for supply chain management and brand protection.