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Flint introduces UV flexo renewable ink system

September 20, 2011

BioCure F inks are developed in response to market demands for an ink system with bio-renewable raw materials that maintain the desirable properties of other UV flexo inks.

Flint Group has introduced a renewable ink system for UV curable flexographic inks. BioCure F has been introduced worldwide, the company reports, in response to market demands for an ink system developed with bio-renewable raw materials that also maintains key properties available in other UV flexo ink systems.

“We have been asked by leading converters, who in turn have been asked by consumer product companies, to develop a UV flexo ink that rivals robust UV flexo technology but that is also developed with bio-renewable materials,”says Tom Hammer, product manager of Flint Group Narrow Web. “We feel that BioCure F shows Flint Group’s ongoing commitment to develop greener, more sustainable products to help support the market’s environmental requirements.”

Hammer says that BioCure F has been tested at multiple customer sites with positive feedback, including: “Adhesion is great on all colors on various recycled films,” and “Press performance and stability are excellent.”

Flint Group says that the new ink system offers “excellent viscosity, which provides very good run ability and overall ease of use; high color strength, which leads to low ink usage and cost savings; consistent density; excellent adhesion to multiple substrates; and low foaming and minimal plate swell. BioCure F is available in the four color process set and Pantone.