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FLEXcon introduces three film and tape products

September 28, 2011

Thermlfilm HT, FLEXmount Advantage Transfer Tapes and heat stabilized polyesters were introduced at the show.

FLEXcon launched its new Thermlfilm HT at Labelexpo, a line of high-temperature polyimide films able to withstand the fluctuating temperatures, abrasion and chemicals inherent in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process. The company also unveiled its FLEXmount Advantage Transfer Tapes (FATT) and heat stabilized polyesters designed for paint mask applications.

The Thermlfilm line is available worldwide to manufacturers that need high-density bar code and alphanumeric PCB labels, including military contractors and manufacturers of electronics, aerospace and automotive goods. The PCB manufacturing process is one of the harshest environments to which pressure sensitive films can be subjected. The material meets industry standards and passes all requirements for this challenging environment. All Thermlfilm HT products are tested to ensure that PCB labels will remain adhered and legible throughout the manufacturing process.

FATT tapes are designed for bonding and mounting applications in consumer electronics, automotive, white goods and graphics. Typical applications require transfer tapes in 25µ and 50µ although there are more challenging applications that require tapes out with these standards.

The heat stabilised polyesters consist of a choice of two thermal transfer printable base labels (white or hazy silver). These labels are then designed to be overlaminated with the hazy clear product(s) either using one overlaminate or two on top of each other as a multi layer construction. The adhesive V-866 has been developed in two peel strengths , ultra low peel (V-866 ULP) and low peel (V-866LP), to allow for removal of the overlaminate after each stage of the paint mask process.