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Mark Andy Performance Series challenges digital

September 28, 2011

Short range printing on a conventional flexo press was boosted by the manufacturer of the popular press series.

Mark Andy, manufacturer of narrow web flexo presses, brought its case against digital short run printing to the European market with the full range of its Performance Series of presses: P3, P5 and P7. “Mark Andy has spent extensive R&D efforts to design a completely new solution to meet the specific demands of short run, while addressing a variety of other converter business challenges as well,” said Jeff Feltz, technical chief at Mark Andy. “Costs, setup times and ease of operation are all arguments used to position digital printing as the sole solution for short run projects. The technology of the Performance Series shatters these perceptions.”

Central to the Performance Series’ design for short run printing is its print station/print deck design. A plate roll system allows for repeat sizes as small as 5½ inches, extensively reducing plate costs. Ink costs are also lowered due to the small amounts required for shorter production runs (as little as 6 ounces ink per station). New web path designs and advanced registration capabilities of the Performance Series can reduce setup waste as much as 60 percent over conventional inline flexo technologies,” Feltz said.

Rotoflex, a Mark Andy brand, introduced its Genesis advanced inspection rewinder control system to the European market. With a simple HMI, operators can monitor all functions and clearly identify faults and issues from a single screen. Integration of the system into multiple machines on the production floor allows operators to easily transfer from one machine to another without relearning the intricacies of a new control system.

Rotoflex also introduced its DLI diecutting system, a modular unit that boasts a range of modules that enable a converter to configure each system to exact need or specification. Modules can be added or upgraded.