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Spartanics and INX launch inkjet press with laser cutting

September 28, 2011

The digital UV inkjet press from INX utilizes UV LED curing from Phoseon and laser diecutting from Spartanics in one pass.

A group of companies in the narrow web industry have collaborated to create an inline digital UV inkjet press system that features UV LED curing and laser diecutting. INX International built the five-color press, Spartanics developed the cutting module, and Phoseon and Integrated Technologies (IT) supplied the LED curing equipment.

The press, called the Evolve, can operate at a maximum print speed of 80 feet per minute, which would vary due to the complexity of the print work. The internal process starts with a substrate treatment to receive inkjet ink, followed by UV pinning (partial curing, using IT’s air cooled equipment). White is next, followed by pinning, then CMYK and pinning. Clear varnish is in the final station, followed by the full UV LED cure by the Phoseon water-cooled unit. The laser cutter from Spartanics varies in speed depending on the complexity of the shape being cut.

The price of the complete system is $389,000. The printer without the laser cutter is $299,000.