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Allen Datagraph prints and finishes with tabletop system

September 29, 2011

The small inkjet printer from Epson is paired with a finishing system containing lamination, digital knife-blade shape cutting, matrix winding, slitting, and rewinding.

Allen Datagraph (ADSI) drew crowds with its iTech Axxis Digital Label System, a tabletop printing and converting system that incorporates an Epson business inkjet printer. The printer typically prints at around four feet per minute.

The finishing system, which is designed to operate separately and not inline with the printer, can run at speeds up to eight to 10 feet per minute. “More complexity in the label shape affects the speed,” said Mark Vanover, marketing director for ADSI, “but it’s typically more than double the print speed.”

The finishing unit laminates, digitally diecuts, strips away matrix, slits, and winds into finished rolls. Shape cutting is accomplished by a blade. Depending on the substrate being finished, a blade can typically last for about three weeks, says Vanover.

The price of the printer and finisher together is $24,950 in North America. Cartridges for cyan, magenta and yellow hold 100 ml each, and black is 200 ml. Cartridges sell for about $60 each.