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CSAT demonstrates ‘fastest’ UV digital inkjet press

September 29, 2011

The speed of the full color inkjet press is 50 meters per minute and can achieve an optical resolution of 1,800 dpi.

With a speed of 50 meters per minute, the CSAT Model 600 digital inkjet label press is declared by the manufacturer to be the “fastest UV full color printer in the market.” On display in the digital hall at Labelexpo Europe, the CSAT press prints at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and a four-level gray scale to achieve an optical resolution of 1,800 dpi. Such precision, said Natalie Gilbert, president of CSAT America, is vital for pharmaceutical labels that require small font and bar codes. The press prints with Kyocera inkjet heads.

The press uses UV LED curing for heat sensitive print materials, and can be used as a roll-to-roll or inline application into the production or finishing line. It runs on a variety of paper, plastics and foils.

“Speed is the differentiation with CSAT,” said Gilbert, “and the press can interface with converting equipment.” The CSAT 600 label press comes with a price tag of €350,000.
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