E+L launches Elpad line sensor web guide

Published September 29, 2011
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Erhardt + Leimer, manufacturer of web guiding and inspection systems, introduced its Elpad live sensor and graphical interface on its web guiding system, which enables a line scan view of color line guides to manage web stability.

The graphical interface displays the line scan of the colored lines in real time for web path consistency. The unit can be set to make web adjustments both automatically and manually. In addition, it can change with the push of a button to sense the web edge.

On the inspection side, E+L introduced a new Tubelight – for illumination of the web during line scanning – that is LED based. “It’s more homogenous light on the web,” said Jim Wright, North American business development manager for inspection systems. “We started with high intensity focused light in our Nyscan system, but that didn’t work well with foil or metalized substrates. The LED Tubelight makes inspection of shiny surfaces so much easier.” A captured web image is validated against a PDF to assess the absence or presence of print defects.

The company now offers a Nyscan system with two cameras controlled through the same PC for wider webs. The resolution of the captured image is doubled.

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