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InkSpec’s IIS viscometer strengthens European presence

October 1, 2011

The Intelligent Inline Sensor features improved color consistency and density along with real time viscosity control.

InkSpec, a Canadian manufacturer of viscosity control systems for the flexo, gravure and corrugated markets, expanded its presence in Europe this year with the exhibition of its Intelligent Inline Sensor (IIS).

Benefits of the IIS include stable, real time viscosity control, improved color consistency, improved color density on every print job with reduced manpower, precise viscosity control within five CPS, and cost savings.
InkSpec has been the recipient of many awards in recent years for its technological advancements. Among these are recognition from the Packaging & Label Gravure Association, the Flexographic Technical Association, the Gravure Association of America, the National Bank of Canada, and the Montreal South-Shore Chamber of Commerce.
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