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Tresu draws crowds with chambered doctor blade system

October 1, 2011

Ink in the FlexiPrint Reservoir system can be replenished by operator examination or via a float and sensor option.

Tresu, a manufacturer ofchambered doctor blade systems for narrow web presses, reported a “surprising” level of interest in its products at Labelexpo Europe this year both from OEMs and from converters. The FlexiPrint Reservoir system was on display at the company’s booth, as well as on the FB 330 press at the Nilpeter stand.

Tresu’s Sales & Technical Manager Henrik Kristensen explained that the chambered system does not require ink to be pumped in or out. “The operator can judge by eye when the reservoir needs replenishing, or the system can use an optional float with a sensor to indicate when more ink is needed,” he said.

The chambered system has advantage over an open blade configuration, Kristensen observed. With the open blade system, increased press speed can result in splashing from the ink pan and meter roll operation, but in a chamber the ink is sealed completely in the unit. Tresu’s patented sealing technology keeps ink from escaping the chamber, resulting in a reduction in ink waste and a clean press.
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