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Robotic ink dispenser manufactures UV Flexo ink on site

October 17, 2011

GFI Innovations’ ink dispensing system allows UV flexo printers to manufacture process and custom colors on demand.

GFI Innovations, a new vendor to the narrow web market, has developed an ink dispensing system that allows UV flexo printers to manufacture process and custom match colors on demand.

“We’ve become the industry leader for paste ink dispensing in the commercial sheetfed market, thanks to our proprietary EcoFlow ink cartridge,” says Robert Luehrsen, president of GFI Innovations. “After working with Sun Chemical, we’ve managed to capitalize on the same technology to accommodate the narrow web market.”

The Mx12 Hybrid dispenses both paste and liquid ink products for UV flexo ink, which eliminates manufacturing steps traditionally executed at the ink branch. By mechanically automating the process, Luehrsen says, printers can reduce the price and consumption of their ink expenses and improve color consistency.

“It’s basically a robot that makes all of your ink for you on site. The time and cost savings are substantial, and we’ve received great feedback from operators who traditionally mixed ink by hand,” he notes. “Our partnership program allows qualified buyers to install the equipment for no cost and no extended contracts or lease documents. It’s completely risk free, and I’m looking forward to helping more printers capitalize on this opportunity.”

GFI Innovations is based in Chicago.