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UV LED Curing Association is formed

November 10, 2011

The three founding members plan to promulgate a better understanding of UV LED curing and develop applications suited to the technology.

Three companies have banded together to form to form the UV LED Curing Association.The association has been established to address what the members perceive as a growing need within the market for current and potential researchers, suppliers, integrators, and end users to gain a better understanding about UV LED technology and the benefits it can bring to numerous applications.The companies are Integration Technology Limited, Lumen Dynamics, and Phoseon Technology.

The UV LED Curing Association is focused on providing greater insight into the various UV LED systems currently in the marketplace, as well as into developing applications which are suited to the technology. One of the goals of the association is to demonstrate how system developers around the world can integrate UV LED technology into applications and, where possible, achieve efficiencies while saving costs.

One of the group’s goals is to help define and establish guidelines for UV LED curing applications. The association also will serve as a communications forum within the UV industry.While complementary to other existing and well established associations, the UV LED Curing Association focuses only on UV LED curing technology and its applications.

“UV LED curing technology has been steadily evolving in the market for almost a decade,” says Adrian Lockwood, managing director of Integration Technology. “Its application successes continue to generate increased interest; however, industry inconsistencies in language and measurement practices as well as a general misunderstanding of the technology continue to breed confusion and delay implementation. It is the hope of the UV LED Curing Association's founders that our collaboration will promote the successful and more rapid adoption of UV LED technology across many different markets.”

“UV LED technology has witnessed a dramatic rise in interest and experienced a corresponding rapid adoption in a variety of markets over the past five years. We are quite pleased to be collaborating with other major industry influencers to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and developing common meaningful language and guidelines about UV LED technology,” states Allan Firhoj, president of Lumen Dynamics. “In our 15 years of experience in LED curing technology, the industry has realized significant breakthroughs that have proven LEDs as a viable alternative providing substantial benefits. The UV LED Curing Association will be instrumental in helping the market gain knowledge and insight about UV LED technology and its numerous commercial benefits.”

“Phoseon Technology is a proud founder of the UV LED Curing Association,” says Bill Cortelyou, president of Phoseon Technology. “Along with our fellow founders, we anticipates rapid growth and acceptance of UV LED curing technologies across a wide range of system manufacturers. The association will bring together industry players to set guidelines and ensure compatibility across the industry.”

The UV LED Curing Association welcomes new members and any significant contributions pertaining to UV LED Curing in early 2012. To learn more about the Association and its offerings, email or visit

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