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DuPont installs its 1000th Cyrel FAST

November 30, 2011

The company installed its 1000th Cyrel FAST thermal flexographic plate processing system at SGS International in Florence, KY, USA.

DuPont has announced the 1000th installation of its Cyrel FAST thermal flexographic plate processing system at SGS International in Florence, KY, USA.

“We were one of the first Cyrel FAST customers for DuPont and we now have 17 FAST units in plants around the globe,” said Marriott Winchester, senior vice president of SGS.  “We initially liked the system because it was a dry process with a small footprint and rapid-access platemaking capability.  And, with its improved environmental performance, we could easily expand capacity or start up new operations and with confidence that we would fall within local regulatory guidelines. When a leading retailer introduced a ‘sustainability scorecard’ to the industry, the certified Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) that DuPont sponsored confirmed the reduction in greenhouses gases and energy consumption associated with Cyrel FAST, and put us in a position to help our customers meet their increasingly challenging sustainability goals.”

According to Winchester, Cyrel FAST has become one of the preferred workflows for SGS in its production of packaging for many of its major global consumer package goods clients due to its environmental benefits.

“Our consumer packaged goods customers are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their activities, preventing pollution and promoting the sustainability of the natural resources upon which we depend,” Winchester said.

The DuPont Cyrel FAST system eliminates both the need for processing solvents and the drying step. According to the company, this reduces greenhouse gas generation by more than 50 percent and non-renewable energy consumption by more than 60 percent. Over the last nine years, the shift to Cyrel FAST has offset over ninety one million pounds of CO2, and saved the energy equivalent of over five million gallons of gasoline.

“DuPont is committed to providing more sustainable offerings along the value chains that it serves, and the Cyrel FAST system is a prime example,” said Wendy Andrushko, North America sales director of DuPont Packaging Graphics.  “Cyrel FAST is uniquely suited to the demands of today’s fast-paced, sustainability driven, global brands.”

SGS of Wilmington, DE, USA, offers design-to-print graphic services to the international consumer products packaging market. DuPont Packaging Graphics is a supplier of flexographic printing systems in digital and conventional formats, including Cyrel brand photopolymer plates, Cyrel FAST processing equipment, sleeves, mounting and finishing products.