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Pulse qualifies for HP 'How-to' guide

December 13, 2011

The company qualifies following rigorous testing of two of its IV DigiTech UV flexo varnishes for digital printing.

UK-based ink manufacturer Pulse Roll Label Products has been added to the list of approved suppliers in the HP "How-to" guide – Selecting Varnishes and Over-lamination for HP Indigo Labels and Packaging Digital Press. The company qualifies following rigorous testing of two of its IV DigiTech UV flexo varnishes for digital printing at the HP Indigo demonstration center in Spain and at its manufacturing facility in Israel.

The IV Digitech range of UV varnishes is aimed at users of HP Indigo digital presses and is available in gloss, matte, super matte and foil-blockable formulations. The range also includes a UV primer that permits in-line UV printing or overprinting to accept digital inks. The formulations are suited to a wide range of substrates including coated paper, board, coated thermal paper, treated and primed synthetics as well as aluminium foils. A new addition to the range includes a high-slip digital varnish developed for wine labels that is available in a matt or gloss finish.

“The problem lies in achieving good product resistance when overprinting digitally printed webs,” says Pulse Managing Director, Gary Seward. “The IV varnishes offer excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals as well as hot fill applications where conventional formulations tend to crack. HP has seen the benefits of these products in use at many of our customers.The Digitech IV UV overprint varnishes for HP Indigo presses have been specially formulated to provide optimized product resistance without the need to Corona treat or drive off residual imaging oil. We are delighted to have been added to the HP ‘How-to' guide which reflects our growing standing as a key international player in the label ink industry.”

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