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Prati sells third machine in Lebanon

January 11, 2012

The company has now sold more than 30 finishing machines in the Middle East.

Lebanese printer El Yaman Group has its sights set on raising its international profile and expects its new investment in a Prait Jupiter 450 servo slitter-rewinding-inspection machine to help it do just that. For Prati, this is the third machine sold in Lebanon, and the company has now sold over 30 machines sold in the Middle East region.

El Yaman Group is a family-owned printing company founded in 1987 by Ali El Yaman. The business grew steadily and moved into full color offset printing along with post-press finishing which enabled it to become the biggest in the South of Lebanon. Other services were incrementally added to offer digital and silkscreen services as well as security printing. With an eye on expanding its services, the company acquired a full line of flexo printing capability. The company serves customers in the food and cosmetics industries, and its diverse product range spans brochures and books to labels, including self adhesive, wet paper and in-mold.

Mohamad El Yaman, CEO, says, “We have always upgraded and purchased our machines with the intention of continuous improvement to our quality of service. We want to put us and Lebanon on the international printing map and we believe adding solutions like this will enable us to do that.”

El Yaman invested in the region’s first Prati Jupiter 450 servo slitter-rewinding-inspection machine with Nikka Alis L2 video camera. Running at 318 m/m, the system features a graphic touch-screen interface and Proxima, the advanced detecting system for improved operator usability and job integrity. As well as a fast setup, it can detect opaque and clear labels, inspect reflective gold printed labels or those with a variation of surface thickness and detect broken labels and other faults at maximum speed.

“Every label is viewed by a different user and as such will have a key influence on the success of our customer’s brand,” says El Yaman. “This is why we chose the Prati Jupiter fully equipped with camera verification. I expect it will help with faster job turnaround, increased customer orders, the ability to complete different kinds of jobs, improved quality and consistency. But more importantly it will help us differentiate our business and increase growth. Otherwise we would have a weaker proposition and we would not be able to deliver goods up to the standards that our clients expect.”

Speaking of the regions growth, El Yaman concludes: “The labeling industry is booming. Our versatility differentiates us drastically from the competition since it allows us to serve a big span of customers regardless of size or industry.”
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