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Rotocontrol acquires LeoMat

March 7, 2012

The company also announces the appointment of Peer Gronkowsky as operations manager.

Rotocontrol has announced the acquisition of Germany-based LeoMat, a major German supplier of processing machines for adhesive labels, foils and paper. According to the company, the expansion is a result of significant sales growth from successful worldwide slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machine installations, as Rotocontrol enters its fourth year of operation.

Marco Aengenvoort, Rotocontrol managing director says: "The acquisition of LeoMat marks an important milestone for the future of Rotocontrol. With this acquisition, we have significantly increased our manufacturing and engineering capabilities which would be difficult to do so quickly organically. The company is now even more strongly positioned to offer converters around the world a well-rounded product portfolio based on German design and manufacturing."

Rotocontrol also announces the appointment of Peer Gronkowsky as operations manager. The former plant manager of LeoMat, Peer will oversee the Rotocontrol Service and Support, Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing and Purchasing departments. The LeoMat purchasing, manufacturing and engineering employees also joined the Rotocontrol team at headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany. A company event was recently held to welcome LeoMat to the Rotocontrol team.
With the acquisition, the Rotocontrol product portfolio has expanded to include digital and booklet finishing machines, accelerating Rotocontrol's growth plans in these markets.The existing LeoMat branded finishing machines will still be available to customers, and service for all installed LeoMat product is now available through Rotocontrol.  

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