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Sinkotech making headway in US

March 27, 2012

The flexible die supplier cites its European time advantage as one of the reasons behind its recent success.

Sinkotech USA, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a flexible die company that works hand-in-hand with its Turkish parent company, Sinkotech, located in Istanbul. Sinkotech USA has been serving the North American flexible die industry since 2010 and is reporting strong gains in establishing market share.

"As the Sinkotech group, we believe in applying the latest materials and technology in our manufacturing process of flexible cutting tools," says Sevki Ergun, director of sales, Sinkotech USA. "Our technology and procedures are tailored to achieve superior quality products with outstanding performance. We will gladly help you stay competitive with your simpler standard shape orders, but let us also help you with your challenging projects as well."

Ergun emphasizes that the company has different products for different applications. "Higher price product does not automatically mean it will be the best solution for your application. Give us the specifications of your project, let us choose the best product that fits your needs. We are not here for a quick buck, we want to earn your trust and respect, the rest should come automatically," Ergun says.

Ergun also points out that Sinkotech's continuous production policy combined with the European time advantage allows the company to process, manufacture and ship orders while most of continent is at rest. "This rivals even the domestic manufacturers in terms of next day air shipments right to your door, and all at a competitive cost," he says.

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