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Students celebrate Phoenix Challenge wins

April 10, 2012

The competition is a semester-long project where students solve business challenges using their graphic arts and flexo printing expertise.

The Phoenix Challenge Foundation hosted its 5th College Competition Program last month in conjunction with the FFTA Annual Forum in San Antonio, TX, USA. The Phoenix College Challenge is an intensive graphic arts competition designed to expose students to a high-level of execution and presentation. The students spend several weeks coordinating project management, job preparation and flexo print production, culminating in a single, all-day presentation program. 

Forty college students made up eight project teams from eight North American colleges known for their graphic art programs. The competition is a semester-long project with the objective of solving a ‘real-life’ business challenge using their business knowledge, graphic arts and flexo printing expertise.

The winning teams were announced Sunday, March 18, at the FFTA Annual Forum’s opening session with one team awarded as the overall winner, while three additional teams were recognized for excellence in specific key categories. A judging panel made up of seven industry professionals reviews each presentation, examines the printed work, and scores them for the competition. The winning students are presented trophies as well as substantial scholarship monies to be used to further their graphic arts education. Congratulations to the winners:

-    Overall Competition – Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA
-    Concept & Graphics – Ryerson University
-    Execution – Dunwoody College
-    Research – Clemson University

“The Phoenix Challenge Foundation continues to grow and we are happy to celebrate our 15th year. It is exciting to support students from so many colleges and universities with a focused program on their prime area of career interest,” says Bettylyn Krafft, chairman of the Phoenix Challenge Foundation. “As a non-profit organization, the competition is crucial to our industry and relies on money raised by industry influencers who also believe in building tomorrow’s flexo workforce.”

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