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Ahlstrom extends release paper range in Brazil

April 16, 2012

The new SILCATM Soft complements the existing range of Ahlstrom SILCA calendered release papers.

Ahlstrom, a global high performance materials company, will extend the range of release papers produced at its Jacareì plant in Brazil with the introduction of calendered Ahlstrom SILCA Soft grades.

The pressure sensitive labeling market is estimated to grow approximately by 5-7 percent per year in Brazil and South America. By extending its release papers product range in Brazil, Ahlstrom aims to better serve the growing market needs by offering further local supply alternatives to imported glassine or supercalendered kraft release papers. Equipment modifications to enable larger production volumes are planned for August 2012.

In developing Ahlstrom SILCATM Soft, the company relied on its broad expertise in the production of high quality release liners. This new calendered backing paper, particularly well adapted for labelstock applications, offers the required properties for secure siliconizing and reliable converting process. It complements the existing range of Ahlstrom SILCA calendered release papers manufactured in Europe and used by the PSA industry worldwide.

“The extension of our local product offering is a sign of increasing commitment to our customers in the region, who will benefit from a local supply, flexible lead times and a responsive service for an increasing number of products,” says Valmir Piton, vice president, Latin America, label and processing.

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