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First Durst Rho installed in North America

April 24, 2012

The Toronto-based printer cites growing demand in the Canadian market for faster turnaround as a key driver in choosing the Durst inkjet printer.

PE Plus Imaging, based in Toronto, is the first North American print provider to acquire a new Durst Rho P10 250 flatbed digital inkjet printer with proprietary 10-picoliter Quadro Array print heads that can deliver up to 1,000-dpi resolution at production speeds, PE Plus Imaging and Durst have announced.

Debbie Jaue and Bob Clark, PE Plus Imaging’s co-owners, said the 2.5-meter-wide Rho P10 250 was selected over other mid-range printing platforms because the growing Canadian market is demanding a greater variety of quality imaging output and faster turnaround of projects. The printer provides an unmatched combination of versatility, productivity and output quality for customers who are constantly raising their requirements and expectations, she says.

“Over the years, we've developed a broad range of expertise – from design to production to installation – and we work closely with each customer to consistently produce work of the highest caliber and deliver it on time,” says Jaue, whose company got its start with a Durst Lambda digital laser photo printer.

“We wanted a printer that not only could keep up with new customer requirements, but also would allow us to propose and produce options that the customer hadn’t thought of before, that would impress them,” she says. “The ability to do that sets you apart from the competition and makes you very valuable. Our new Rho printer gives us that ability. We’re very pleased with it, and we’re very pleased with Durst.”

“Having been Durst users from the beginning with numerous enlargers and then the Lambda 130 and Rho 160, the choice was simple,” comments Clark. "We know the quality and support behind the P10 250 will be unmatched.”

The Rho P10 250 is a member of Durst’s new Rho P10 Series of printers, designed specifically for producing a wide variety of hand-held and eye-level materials, including backlit signage, POP and commercial displays, small packages, etc. The Rho P10 250 prints up to 2,100 s.f./hr. and features Durst’s new Quadro Array 10 print heads, which use ground-breaking silicon-based MEMS technology to produce “fine art” image quality with up to 1,000-dpi print resolution.

According to the company, the Rho P10 250 produces output that displays the finest color graduations and virtually perfect color reproduction, while maintaining high levels of cost-efficiency and flexibility. The added ability to print light cyan and light magenta further enhances its image quality and range. The Rho P10 250 can print simultaneously on two parallel panels or rolls, raising its productivity and versatility even further. The company adds that it can run unattended 24/7.

“PE Plus Imaging was an innovator more than three decades ago when it acquired a Durst Lambda, and they’re an innovator today with the 10-picoliter Rho P10 250,” says Christopher Howard, senior vice president of sales & marketing for Durst US. “We build printers that help our clients stay out on the leading edge. The Rho P10 250 is that kind of printer, and PE Plus Imaging is that kind of client – which gets noticed by their clients.”