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Zircon orders two Omet presses

April 24, 2012

The growing Indian converter has its sights set on adding more equipment to serve additional markets.

Zircon, a fast-growing label converter based in Noida, India, has placed orders for two Omet presses -- An Omet Varyflex and an Omet Xflex X6. The Varyflex ordered by Zircon features a combination of different printing processes on multiple substrates. With it, Zircon will be converting labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging on these equipments.

A beaming Sanjeev Sondhi, Zircon's director, proclaims of the equipment additions, “More will follow!"

The sale of this equipment has been handled by New Delhi-based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of Omet in India and surrounding countries. Pawandeep Sahni, director for Weldon, states, “ Sanjeev at Zircon is an extremely demanding customer when it comes to machine capabilities. His demands are a learning process which help create innovations."

According to Weldon, Zircon has surprised many observers in the industry by its "unprecedented growth and rapid expansion on an ongoing basis." Zircon is headquartered in Noida with factories and sales offices at multiple locations. The initial Dehradun unit was set up to produce labels on flexo rotary presses. They are now expanding into paperboard-based packaging and flexible packaging. In addition, Sondhi has filed many patents for his developments in security printing.

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