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NewPage, Hazen Paper earn industry recognition

May 1, 2012

The 2011 Super Bowl XLV collector's edition program, which won an award at AIMCAL, was produced by Hazen and used NewPage's web cover paper.

NewPage - a producer of printing and specialty papers based in Miamisburg, OH, USA - has announced that the company's 7 pt. Sterling Ultra web cover paper served as a key component of an award-winning Super Bowl XLV collector's edition program cover produced by its customer, Hazen Paper. Hazen, a paper converter based in Holyoke, MA, USA, swept the "decorative/display category" in the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) product competition awards.

According to a statement, Hazen created the custom holographic image and embossed it onto transfer film that was coated in-house. Hazen then metallized the transfer holographic material and transfer metallized the coated two-side NewPage paper stock. The final step involved sheeting and printing the 19x36 inch sheets in register with the holography. Once printed, the cover was bound to the program by Quad/Graphics, Sussex, Wisconsin.

The judges commented that they were impressed by how the elements of the 2011 Packers/Steelers Super Bowl program worked together. "These holographic images go beyond patterns to become an integrated design," they concluded.

"Hazen Paper is excited to have scored a touchdown with NewPage Sterling Ultra on the Stadium Edition Super Bowl Program Cover," says John H. Hazen, president.

"With this award, Hazen has further distinguished itself in the customized holographics and transfer metallization industry," says David Diekelman, NewPage executive director of specialty papers, sales and marketing. "We are delighted to have teamed with Hazen to provide a high-quality, highly engineered paper that would support such a sophisticated, technical and successful printing process."