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CGS and Esko to interface color libraries

May 8, 2012

The companies have signed an agreement which will allow them to provide a common database for color consistency.

CGS Publishing Technologies International and Esko have announced that they have entered an agreement to offer users an interface between Esko Color Engine and CGS's color proofing products.

The new option provides access to the Color Engine database of spot color ink profiles directly from ORIS Color Tuner//Web, providing users with the colorimetric data of their existing Esko color libraries to ensure accuracy and repeatability throughout the design, proofing and production process. The interface also provides ORIS users direct access to PantoneLIVE from X-Rite/Pantone.

CGS has developed a comprehensive solution for proofing and prototyping of flexible packaging based on RolandDG's VersaCAMM VS series, including special inks and media. "We are extremely pleased with this agreement as it addresses the needs of companies involved in production for major brands worldwide, saving them time and money and, most importantly, making color even more consistent and predictable. Users can now maintain critical spot color descriptions in just one location, making these immediately and consistently available in both high-end applications. The superior spot color handling in award-winning ORIS Color Tuner//Web, combined with the color descriptions in the Esko Color Engine, together provide unheard of accuracy," says Heiner Müller, key account director Europe at CGS. 

"For several years, Esko customers have been using Color Engine as their central database for spot color profiles," says David Harris, product manager for color at Esko. "This integration will deliver simple workflow, and extend the benefit of a central database to our mutual customers. It also confirms Color Engine as the solution of choice for brand color standardization in the packaging market."

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