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MPS holds open house during drupa

May 14, 2012

The Dutch press maker expects more than 80 companies to visit the factory before May 16.

Since the start of the drupa 2012, MPS has held an Open House in Didam, The Netherlands. According to the company, the open house event has been very well-visited and MPS expects in total more then 80 printing companies to visit the factory. MPS opens it doors until the 16th of May.

Only one hour away from the large drupa event, visitors are picked up twice a day by bus and brought to MPS. At the factory and MPS’s demo-centre, the visitors can see live-demonstrations on a MPS EF Flexo combination press, performing different kinds of jobs and material changes. Printers Renée Berends and Richard Meurs will execute several jobs with the materials chosen by the public. With the convenience of automated print control the audience can see by themselves how easily it works to do a design change, as the job settings can be downloaded out of job memory.

During the demonstration, a presentation will be held explaining the MPS press functionalities and technologies, which can be seen in practice on the running press. Furthermore different converting methods are shown and more information can be given on MPS’s brand new EXL Offset.

Guests visiting MPS will be given a factory tour, where they can see an EXL packaging press line. This press with 11 print units belongs to one of the largest presses MPS has ever built. The press is equipped with hot air dryers and can be used with water- and solvent based inks. Furthermore it has auxiliaries like gravure units and an inline laminating unit.

Those interested can still register at to visit the Open House MPS until May 16. There is a morning session with pick up at 9:00 and an afternoon session with pick-up at 12:00. Visitors will be brought back by bus to the Drupa; pick-up and drop-off point at Drupa is the North-Exit.