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Praxair selected for new NYSE Century Index

May 30, 2012

Companies are chosen using a set of criteria that assess size and financial performance over a 10-year period.

Praxair, Inc. has been chosen for the newly introduced NYSE Century Index which recognizes select companies that have demonstrated consistent success and contributed to real economic and social progress for more than 100 years. The index is comprised of proven, long-established companies that are "committed to continuous innovation to remain competitive through challenging market conditions, as well as rapid social, economic and technological changes."

Companies are chosen for the Index using a set of criteria that assess company size and financial performance over a 10 year period, looking specifically at traits that have enabled companies to thrive over the past decade.

“Praxair is honored to be included in this distinguished index as a well established and successful company,” says Jim Sawyer, executive vice president and chief financial officer. “It is a tribute to our long standing commitment to innovation and productivity that continues to drive growth and strong results through prosperous as well as challenging market conditions.”