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NAStar issued patent, expands film lines

June 5, 2012

The patent was issued for repositionable labels using dot-patterned adhesive.

The U.S. Patent Office has issued NAStar Inc patent number 8,163,365 for repositionable labels using Dot patterned adhesive. According to the company, the discontinuous pattern of adhesive allows a more aggressive adhesive to be used, yet the surrounding non-adhesive area allows it to remove easily. More specifically, it satisfies a need in the marketplace for a pressure sensitive adhesive label that can be affixed to a variety of substrates, removed without damaging or leaving residue, and reapplied to another surface.

Typical uses are applications requiring clean removability from bins, totes, paper, forms, and other substrates as well as in direct response and promotional repositionable advertising notes. NAStar carries its Dot patterned repositionable adhesive on a variety of face stocks. Both semi-gloss paper and uncoated yellow face stocks are approved by the United States Postal Service for use as Repositionable Notes (RPNs) marketed as MailNotes Products by NAStar Inc.

The company has also expanded both its temporary adhesive clear and white product lines. The clear film product complements its existing QZ5055, a 2 mil clear Polyester with Temporary Adhesive.

BQZ5055: 2 mil Clear Polypropylene is intended for wall or window graphics as an alternative to vinyl, polyester, or static cling materials. Provided with a 50# liner, BQZ5055 is an economic alternative to QZ5055, a 2 mil clear Polyester with Temporary Adhesive.

For more application specific applications, NAStar Inc also offers T2 Temporary Adhesive, a proprietary water based microsphere adhesive widely used in more value driven repositionable or removable applications. The clear polypropylene is also available with T2 Temporary Adhesive. 

The white film products complement its existing BCZ5055, a pearlescent white polypropylene with Temporary Adhesive.

TCZ4055: TT Polyolefin is a 3.2 mil matte white coated Polypropylene based film. The coated film surface offers excellent ink adhesion and thermal transfer printability and is manufactured with a 40# liner.

TC3Z4055: TT Polypropylene is a 3.0 mil matte finish coated, white film designed for demanding thermal transfer applications and is offered with a 40# liner. The static resistant print receptive surface accepts pencil and other marking devices.

With NAStar’s unique T1055 temporary adhesive, applications for TCZ4055 and TC3Z4055 include distribution labels, including tote & bin labels and picking & shipping labels or any application in an outdoor or cold, damp environment. Other industrial applications include work in process labels, window labels, candle labels, and labels for mirror and glass manufacturers.

NAStar’s T1055 temporary adhesive is a proprietary water-based adhesive dispersion developed to provide good temporary adhesion to an almost endless variety of substrates. It exhibits good adhesion and clean removability from most smooth surfaces such as hard plastics, metal, glass, and paper. It is unique, however, in that it also adheres to many challenging surfaces as Teflon, textured plastic, corrugate, and even cold, damp surfaces. 

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