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Schreiner MediPharm offers customization options

June 11, 2012

The options are available on the company's new specialty label for autoinjector pens.

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions for more than 60 years, has revealed details of various customization options available on its new specialty label for autoinjector pens. According to the company, the possibilities exemplify how the label can be designed to fit the specific requirements of individual manufacturers, performing important, often unique functions that provide added value to both drug manufacturers and end-users. 

User safety is the primary concern in the development of intelligent pens and autoinjectors for self-injection. The multi-functional label solutions by Schreiner MediPharm underscore the high demands placed on the quality and reliability of these injection systems. Equipped with customizable combinations of functionalities, the specialty labels further enhance user-friendliness and patient safety.

Examples of customized labeling options for autoinjector pens available through Schreiner MediPharm include:

• Temperature indicator – The temperature indicator produces a reversible color shift that shows when a defined room or cooling temperature has been reached.  The solution offers maximum variability with respect to the desired temperature range.

• Medication check / UV protection – If the pen has a transparent window to check the medication, the contents can be protected against UV rays by a double-layered label. To check the contents, the top layer is opened by means of a starter tab and can be easily closed again. Alternatively, the transparent window included in the label can be equipped with UV protection.

• Integrated tamper and counterfeit protection – To reliably indicate the first opening of the pen, the label enclosing the cap has a perforation. The authenticity of the pen can be confirmed by means of integrated security features, such as the LaserSecure specialty pigment that is only detectable by a reader.

• Anti-slip varnish / Tactile elements – A special varnish coating improves grip and feel of the label surface and helps patients to safely use the pen. In addition, integrated tactile elements make it easier, for example, to tell apart similar systems containing different active ingredients purely through touch.

• Protected print – All printed elements of the label are mirror-inverted on the reverse side – meaning the surface touched by the user contains no ink. Inscriptions and symbols are visible through the transparent film in non-inverted form. This protects the print against scratching and abrasion.

• Reminder function for contents check – Integrated label parts serve to remind the patient to regularly check the contents. The detachable parts can be personalized with individual data for this purpose. In addition, the labels can be applied to the patient’s medical records for documentation.

“From a feature as vital as tamper protection to one as comfort-based as temperature indication, patients who regularly perform self-injections will welcome the assistance provided by our new customizable label,” said Gene Dul, president of Schreiner MediPharm U.S.  “This label makes possible a broad range of benefits, from safety and security to convenience and compliance.”
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