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Rotocon now represents MPS in South Africa

July 24, 2012

A spinoff of Rototec, Rotocon provides consulting and service to South African label converters.

Rotocon today announced its representation of Multi Print Systems (MPS), a leading UV flexo press manufacturer headquartered in The Netherlands.

A spin-off company from Rototec, which has more than 30 years experience in precision engraving and die sinking, Rotocon will focus exclusively on print and finishing machine applications. The company is led by Pascal and Patrick Aengenvoort.

Rotocon also represents Rotocontrol finishing machines for inspection, slitting, rewinding, die cutting, overprinting, digital labels and booklet labels; Pantec in-line refining solutions for rotary and flatbed hot foil stamping & embossing, high performance vacuum foil savers, high speed & precision hologram placement and format-variable sheeting; and AVT, a developer and manufacturer of automatic inspection systems for web applications in the packaging, labels, folding cartons and commercial printing sectors.

"With the large install base of Rotocontrol finishing machines in South Africa, and the addition of new machine manufacturers we now represent such as MPS, it became evident that establishing a separate company would be advantageous to our customers and partners to meet their unique tooling and machine product and service needs," says Patrick Aengenvoort. "Rototec will continue to provide product and service in the tooling market, while Rotocon focuses exclusively on the print and finishing market."

Pascal Aengenvoort adds, "With the representation of reputable industry brands including Rotocontrol, MPS, Pantec, and AVT, Rotocon can provide one-stop consultation and service to label converters in the narrow web industry with our broad product and service portfolio."