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First EFI Jetrion 4900 installed in UK

August 7, 2012

Grafitec Label Presses has announced that the very first EFI Jetrion 4900 is being installed at Colorscan Imaging Products Ltd., Burton upon Trent.

Grafitec Label Presses has announced that the first EFI Jetrion 4900 has arrived in the UK and is now being installed at Colorscan Imaging Products Ltd. in Burton upon Trent. 

The machine was installed by engineers from EFI Jetrion and Grafitec Label Presses before staff from Colorscan began training on how to utilize the new equipment.

The deal to bring the machine to the UK was signed on the first day of drupa after Colorscan Director Keith Forster saw the machine in action and "was convinced that its unrivaled ability to provide true, fully digital, file-to-finished-product printing was exactly what his business needed," the company said in a statement.

John Ainley, sales director of Grafitec Label Presses Ltd., said: “The installation of the 4900 has gone very smoothly and we are all excited to see this superb equipment in action. It is the very first machine in the UK that offers full digital file-to-finished-label production, and it is going to start some big changes in our label production industry.

“Customers will benefit from rapid turn-around of orders and consistently high quality products. Printers will finally be able to enjoy truly profitable short run label printing as well as impressing customers with the speed and quality of service they can offer.”  

“We produce point of sales and other printed products for the real ale brewing industry," said Keith Forster of Colorscan. "We only operate digital equipment, and currently most printing is done on a Xerox IGEN which is both fast, and of a high quality. Unfortunately it does not have a white ink capability, and to date no Xerox printer does.

“Investing in the 4900 produces many benefits. Compared with Fuji, the quality of resolution is higher, but more importantly, the inks are superior. The white has excellent opacity whilst the CMYK inks retain their translucent appearance on metalized substrates allowing for effects not available from the Fuji inks and not available on toner based printers," Forster said.