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Minsk security label printer adds Edale press

August 7, 2012

ATB Security Technologies specializes in the production of security labels including multilayer labels, lottery tickets and access cards.

ATB Security Technologies based in Minsk, Vilnius, has taken steps to increase its production capability with the recent installation of a nine color 330mm Edale Beta modular flexopress with cold foil and hot foil, and a further array of special options. The new press joins its existing 5-color Edale Alpha press.

ATB was founded in 2002 with a focus on the development of anti-forgery technologies to protect security documents and a wide variety of consumer goods; they are now a significant player in the market of protection technologies. ATB specializes in the production of a range of security labels including multilayer labels, lottery tickets, access cards alongside tamper evident labels for a number of sectors, but predominantly the high end beverage markets.

Vadim Shevko, chief of ATB Security Printing department, says, “There are many benefits to the Edale Beta; we already have an Edale Alpha machine and the easy transfer of processes between the two machines really helped during the transition period. Production has now moved over entirely to the new Beta, and the Alpha is being used solely for R & D purposes. The advantage of staying with Edale, was not just the quality of product but that our operators were able to continue printing immediately and with no employee downtime.”

ATB has its own production and research facilities where it carries out R & D in an effort to further improve its technology to put a stop to the rise in counterfeit products.

Bernhard Grob, Edale’s export sales director, concludes, “I am thrilled that ATB have chosen another Edale special press solution for the production of niche security applications, a field that both companies are leaders in."

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