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Acorn Labels buys fifth Edale press

September 4, 2012

This installation brings the wordwide sales of the Edale Beta to more than 90.

UK-based Acorn Labels has recently installed another Edale Beta flexo press at its factory in Huntingdon. The company now owns five Edale machines, which includes four Betas and an award winning Alpha compact press, all purchased within the past five years.

Sam Heneker, production manager at Acorn Labels, says, “We purchased our first Edale press over 15 years ago - a 250mm four color E250S refurbished press - and found it extremely easy to use. A couple of years after this, we purchased a brand new model, before moving to the Beta range and since then we have never looked back. The fact that Edale are a UK manufacturer is important to us as quality is always second to none; we enjoy a quick turn round in jobs along with consistently high quality precision printing”

The company’s most recent purchase was the 330mm wide five color Beta modular press, which it is using for the production of labels for the pre-pack industry. This latest installation at Acorn Labels brings worldwide sales of the Beta to over 90 installations.

According to the company, the Edale Beta has a number of features and benefits such as the unique web up design with a wide viewing area to enable quicker job setup and minimal waste, fast job changes are achieved through ease of access, ergonomic design and "tool-less" operation. While Acorn Labels chose a five-color machine, the Beta has the capacity to incorporate up to 14 print stations and three converting stations.