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RAKO wins award for linerless application

October 16, 2012

The company's Lean Label Eco collaboration with Catchpoint was awarded for industry innovation.

The RAKO Group's Lean Label Eco has received the Deutsche Verpackungspreis 2012 for best innovation in the industry. The company presented the results of this collaborative development of a linerless label at Fachpack in September 2012.

Taking into account raw material shortage - RAKO, in a cooperation with Catchpoint - invested heavily in the development and production the unique linerless labels with micro perforations.  Catchpoint technology enables the manufacturer to apply the label to a product without using any liner or cutting device.

According to the company, the advantages of this product can be divided into three categories: ecological, economic and technological. Ecological benefits include material savings, less carbon dioxide emissions, and usage of thinner material. Economic advantages include less space and transportation costs, and up to 37% more labels on one reel. High-speed application, reduced transport volumes, less reel changes and reel-diameter decrease are some technological benefits. 

The label was applied using the latest Catchpoint technology that ensures any self adhesive label applicator can be upgraded for linerless, and uniquely allows a conventional PS label to be applied by the same unit,  a dual application system that provides versatility for the customer. It was developed in close collaboration with Schleuter GMBH who supported Rako at the Fachpack.
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