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Gidue establishes Gidue USA, partners with Kempsmith

November 13, 2012

Mat Jones will head the sales effort and Kempsmith Machine Company will provide service for US and Canadian markets.

Nuova Gidue has announced the establishment of Gidue USA LLC, a company for sales and service of its machines and equipment for North America. Gidue USA sales for the label and packaging market will be headed by Mat Jones of Jones Printing Equipment (JPE). Gidue USA will take direct sales responsibility in the American market, frequently consulting with Nuova Gidue for technical trainings and support on Gidue projects.

"We perceived the real need of a stronger presence in the North American territory, so a local Gidue partnership seemed to be the best choice for granting customers a better service and a long lasting presence," says Federico d’Annunzio, MD of Nuova Gidue. "Recent innovations confirm that Gidue expertise excels among others in the printing sector. We look forward to introducing also to the American market our qualitatively superior machines and technologies and, to do so, the establishment of Gidue directly in the US ground definitely represents a privileged starting point. Cooperation with a long established and high quality company like Kempsmith could also lead us in the future to further developments  in the carton packaging industry."

Jones adds: “I believe success is right around the corner. Right now we have clear advantages to our competitors and that is resonating. They are noticing and paying attention. Here in the US though you can make the argument, but that does not take place of showing and demonstration to the customer that what you say is true and legitimate. In most cases the customer must see, touch, and feel for themselves."

Furthermore, Gidue appointed Kempsmith Machine Company as its official service point for US and Canadian markets. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Kempsmith Machine Company is one of the leading players in the construction of custom flatbed and rotary diecutters for the folding carton market and paper converting equipment.

The partnership was prompted by a visit from Brett Burris, president of Kempsmith, to the Gidue booth at this year's Labelexpo. According to the company, Burris confirmed his impression on the M5 Digital Flexo technology and the Gidue commitment towards continuous improvement and constant efficiency that the deal with the Italian manufacturer arrived.

"The high quality of Gidue products is well known at an international level, but it has started to be strong and recognized in the US as well," Burris says. "I myself am impressed by the amount of innovation Gidue developed. At Kempsmith, we are very excited to start the collaboration with Gidue and hope it will bring outstanding results also in the US and Canadian markets, contributing to the company success."

In the next months, Kempsmith operators are going to come to the Gidue plant in Florence, Italy, for a comprehensive technical training on the Gidue machines and, when the first Gidue press will be sold and installed in the US or Canadian markets, Kempsmith technicians will be supported by the Gidue ones.
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