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Sharon Bagby bids farewell to Spartanics

December 18, 2012

After 17 years with the company, the marketing coordinator looks forward to her retirement.

Sharon Bagby, marketing coordinator at Spartanics, is saying her final goodbyes as she departs the company after 17 years for a well-deserved retirement. Bagby began her career at Spartanics back in 1995 and has been a tremendous asset to the Spartanics Team.

“I will miss all the employees I have worked with and all the contacts that I have made throughout the years,” Bagby says. “I really enjoyed working with everyone and it made these past 17 years go by fast!”

“Sharon was the hardest working person in the building on any given day. She added so much value that replacing her skill set will be impossible. I am so happy that she is finally going to be able to relax and enjoy her retirement with family and friends in Florida and Illinois,” says Mike Bacon, VP sales and marketing, adding that in her 17-plus years she never called in sick. "We cannot thank her enough for all her hard work, dedication and loyalty to Spartanics throughout the years. The entire company will miss Sharon."

Sharon Bagby’s last day at the company before exiting for retirement is Friday, December 21. Those who know Sharon are encouraged to contact her within this next week to wish her all the best.

When asked what advice she would leave to fellow and future employees, Sharon states, “Get your flu shots and don’t get sick.” And “Communicate!”