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Schober USA to rebuild Medessa Tooling

January 2, 2013

The company has entered an agreement with Heinz-Dieter Mendel GmbH.

Schober USA has entered into an agreement with Heinz-Dieter Mendel GmbH to recondition tooling used in Medesa brand products in their Fairfield, OH, USA facility for North American customers. This new service agreement covers all models and types of Medesa products for the cutting, perforating, creasing, and scoring of films and foils, including the Webmaster and X-Cut series.

“Reconditioning tooling here in the US for the North American market allows has Medesa customers to receive high-precision, close-tolerance work from a company that has also built their reputation on the same,” says Schober USA’s Karl Schober. “Performing this work in our centrally located Cincinnati-area facility is much more convenient and quicker than shipping these tools overseas, plus we help them avoid costs and delays associated with customs clearance.”