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Nanovis unveils enlarged Nanocleaner

January 29, 2013

NWC-1200 can be used with UV-, water- or solvent-based inks.

After the introduction of Nanocleaner at Labelexpo 2011, Swiss company Nanovis GmbH has unveiled an enlarged version, the Nanocleaner NWC-1200. 

"The proven concept of parts cleaning with simultaneous recycling of the detergent fluid was maintained," the company says. "The vast washing chamber of 120 cm x 60 cm is large enough to accommodate a great number of ink reservoirs, doctor blades, or chambered doctor blades. Thus, cleaning-related downtime of printing machines is reduced enormously even with color changes at several stations."

NWC-1200 can be used with UV-, water- or solvent-based inks. It uses a non-volatile cleaning agent, which is filtered in the integrated recycling system and never needs to be replaced or disposed of. The company says only small amounts of dried paint residue remain to be discarded in the industrial waste. 

A manual brush cleaning option or custom adapters - sometimes used for pipe cleaning - are available. The NWC 1200 needs only electricity and compressed air to operate and an air extraction is not necessary.
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