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Valéron Strength Films signs new distribution agreement

February 19, 2013

The company says its partnership with Matthias Paper Corp. will benefit US customers in several ways.

Valéron Strength Films has entered into partnership with print media distributor Matthias Paper Corp. for US distribution.  

Lisa Taylor, sales director for Valéron Strength Films, says, "This new partnership is important for the market for a number of reasons. Matthias Paper is not only able to rewind master rolls into smaller rolls, but can also offer customized slitting and sheeting into a wide range of widths. As such, it is now possible to provide tailor-made solutions to customers who are looking for high strength Valéron film and V-Max products in smaller quantities, custom and sheet form.”

According to the company, the partnership with Matthias Paper Corporation also offers other opportunities. John Matthias Jr., president, says, “We deliver the ability to distribute the product lines of Valéron film and V-Max products with a specific emphasis on their heavier gauge films as well as on their coated products. We are proud that Valéron Strength Films has chosen us because of our sheeting quality. Thanks to this cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturer of high-strength films, we now can supply the best possible solutions for the tag and label industry in our region. Valéron Strength Films and Matthias Paper combine two complementary advantages: an incomparable high-strength film technology and the prime sourced and top quality performance substrates which we have provided for such a long time.”