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DICE installs a GT3000 in Ohio

March 5, 2013

The digital inkjet printer was installed at Premier Southern Ticket Co. in Cincinnati.

DICE Graphic Technologies, LLC installed its DICE GT3000 series digital inkjet printer at Premier Southern Ticket Co. (PST) in Cincinnati, OH, USA. The DICE unit was installed onto one of the company's Mark Andy 4140 16-inch wide, six-color flexo presses in late December 2012 with production printing beginning in January 2013.

Kirk Schulz, owner of PST, says, "Our purchase of the DICE GT UV Inkjet printer has enabled us to offer an innovative and revolutionary new approach to printing for our clients and positions us way ahead of our competition. It has performed above our expectations and without any of the initial problems I expected with a new technology installation. We were amazed by the short learning curve. and were running production the first week after installation."

Schulz adds: "We originally envisioned doing print runs of 50,000 pieces or less with the DICE inkjet unit but have since realized that runs of 500,000 or more can be practical and economical when compared to the cost of press setup, plate generation and labor. That was the biggest surprise and will greatly reduced our Return on Investment time period. We can easily produce high quality process color printing with perfect CMYK registration without producing plates, make ready or wash-ups. There are encoders mounted to the flexo press that enable us to combine flexo printing with the DICE inkjet printing in one pass with perfect registration including perforating and die cutting.

"With the DICE GT printer integrated into our current Mark Andy press, it has transformed our business with an impact not seen around here since the computer revolution in the 1980s," he continues. "After working with the DICE integrated digital-flexo hybrid approach, I don't know why anyone would want the limitations and higher cost of a standalone narrow web digital inkjet printer."

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