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Rock LaManna to present at AWA M&A Forum

March 12, 2013

The L&NW columnist will discuss “Finding the Synergistic Seller in the Printing Industry.”

In the mergers & acquisitions arena, many private equity analysts have overlooked the printing and print-related industries. That’s an oversight that Rock LaManna of the LaManna Alliance hopes to correct when he presents at this year’s AWA Mergers & Acquisitions Executive Forum.

In the print-related industries that include resin- and fibre-based packaging, coating, and converting, the annual AWA Mergers & Acquisitions Executive Forum is now the established annual review of the changing market landscape. The 2013 Forum, convened by the sector’s market research specialists Alexander Watson Associates, will be held on March 18, at the University Club of Chicago (Illinois). Rock LaManna, president and CEO of the LaManna Alliance, helps businesses improve their profitability by developing strategies based on a company’s financials. His Florida-based business focuses on the printing and print-related industries, which gives him tremendous insight into the industry.

“I’ve spoken to many advisors in the private equity field, and they’re not understanding the possibilities in this sector,” LaManna said. He notes that a typical knee-jerk reaction from most investors is to clump the entire industry together, focusing on the flat-line profits of many traditional litho and commercial printers. The mistake in this approach is that there are numerous opportunities in emerging markets such as hydrographics, 3D printing, and wide-format digital printing. In addition, many traditional printers are experiencing
exceptional growth by merging with complementary partners.

Finding those complementary partners will be the topic of LaManna’s AWA presentation: “Finding the Synergistic Seller in the Printing Industry.” He will also be on an expert panel discussion.

“Success in a merger and acquisition is defined by the synergy between the two entities,” LaManna said. “Achieve the proper synergy, and even a business in a sector with overall flat profits can achieve some amazing numbers.”

LaManna is no stranger to numbers. The LaManna Alliance focuses on a company’s financials in recommending strategies, providing guidance on mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, family business strategies, and lean operations. “It’s your financials that indicate what your next step should be,” LaManna said. “They also provide the compass to achieving your ultimate vision.”

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